Marimo5 Co., Ltd., founded by Mr Shigeru Yamato, is a workplace health solution provider, with a mission to reduce corporate companies’ medical cost and absenteeism as well as to increase the employee’s productivity. Marimo5 is incorporated in Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.

Marimo5’s clients include Canon, ROHM, Panasonic, FujiFilm, Denso, and Kagome etc. In November 2017, LeadinHealth Sdn. Bhd. and Marimo5 Co., Ltd. have established a strategic partnership, with a commitment to bring “Total Wellness for All” to Malaysia-based Japanese companies, in turn reducing unnecessary medical claims and enhance productivity.

Marimo5 specialises in developing and delivering workplace wellness services including:

  • health education services,
  • cafeteria/canteen evaluation,
  • health-related products,
  • research and development of workplace health and
  • organising health conference and seminar

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